H. Howard Flint II Gravure Research Library  

News release (Dec. 11 2006)

RIT’s School of Print Media Holds Naming Ceremony for Gravure Research Library
Library named in memory of H. Howard Flint II, former chairman of Flint Ink

Rochester Institute of Technology’s internationally recognized School of Print Media formally dedicated the H. Howard Flint II Gravure Research Library during a ceremony Dec. 11 on the RIT campus.<More on the article><Click here for photos>

How to use the Gravure Research Library

The Gravure Research Library (GRL) officially opened in spring of 2005. With the organization and cataloging process completed in Fall 2005, the library has become an established resource and meeting area for RIT students and printing professionals alike. Listed below are some quick facts about the GRL.


Most gravure-related materials are on long-term loan from the Gravure Association of America (GAA) and the Gravure Education Foundation (GEF).


Professor Bob Chung, Gravure Research Professor, led the efforts to establish the GRL. He was assisted by Laura Hatch, Executive Director of the GEF, and Marcia Trauernicht, Head of Cataloging at Wallace Memorial Library.


455 titles consisting of 776 volumes were cataloged as GRL resources by the staff at Wallace Memorial Library.


Most of the cataloged materials were issued in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


GRL titles are cataloged in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) system, making their locations available to libraries throughout the world. 47% of the titles are original to the OCLC system! You can Click here to enter the Einstein Catalog of the Wallace Memorial Library.


The OCLC system is accessible online through the WorldCatdatabase. It can be accessed by visiting wally.rit.edu and following the WorldCat link under Library CatalogsGravure is a dynamic printing process. It is used for high-quality publication printing, including National Geographic Magazine. Gravure is used for package printing; Tootsie Roll wrappers are printed gravure. Much specialty printing is done using gravure, including large-scale Armstrong flooring.


The library contains a 1918 eidition of the New York Times Sunday supplement, printed rotogravure.


The cylinder on display in the GRL is a gravure cylinder. Gravure is an intaglio process, and uses recessed cells to carry ink to the substrate.

How to Find Books

A sample call number looks like: GRL T 385.A3582 2004
Books can be found using the following steps:


The letters GRL indicate the materials belong to the Gravure Research Library.


The next letter represents the category of book. Books are in alphabetical order from left to right around the perimeter of the library according to category letter.


Each category section is organized in increasing order of the number that follows the category letter.


After the decimal place, there is another letter followed by more numbers. These are also organized in alphabetical and increasing numerical order from left to right.


The final number is the year of publication; these are also shelved in increasing order.

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